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Who we are?

About Us

Jagadamba Cement was founded in the year 2001 and began its commercial production then. It doesn’t only  hold the largest share of the Nepali market but also is one of the largest cement manufacturing companies in Nepal. With a broad vision of business, Jagadamba Cement continues to produce and provide the best quality and quantity of cement.

The efforts of Jagadamba Cement have laid the foundation for the quality production of cement in Nepal along with three types of cement_Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC), and pozzolana Slag Cement (PSC), at a reasonable price.   

Jagadamba Cement has established a new standard by meeting the country’s statutory and regulatory requirements, using high-quality raw materials, and continuously improving the quality of services availed by the company, indulging employees at all levels, utilizing the best available resources, and assessing quality objectives on a regular basis.

Because every human dreams to have a roof over his head and this comes true through only the best Cement. So, Jagadamba Cement being one of the largest Cement manufacturing Company, believes in providing the finest quality of cement to customers. With the slogan of “Mero Desh Mero Jagadamba,” there is no compromise when it comes to quality or quantity. Jagadamba Cement has already carved a niche for itself in Nepal, producing and providing superior and varied cement. 

Our Plants

Jagdamba Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Gohona-7, Bhairahawa
  • 2057 BS Established
  • 36,000 Bags/day Production
  • PPC/OPC Cement
  • Closed Circuit Mill Technology Technology


  • Jagdamba PPC Cement
  • Jagdamba PPC Cement-NS 385
  • Jagdamba Everlast PPC Cement
  • Jagdamba Ultra Active Cement


  • Jagdamba Ultra-Premium Cement

Shubha Shree Jagdamba Cement Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Simara, Birgunj
  • 2063 BS Established
  • 54,000 Bags/day Production
  • PPC/PSC/OPC Cement
  • Vertial Roller Mill Technology Technology


  • Shubha Shree Jagdamba PSC Cement
  • Jagdamba Ultra Ultimo PSC Cement
  • Mount PSC Cement
  • Force PSC Cement
  • Shubha Shree Everlast PSC Cement


  • Jagdamba Ultra Premium OPC Cement
  • Force F2R OPC Cement
  • Jagdamba Gold OPC Cement

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